Design Assistant

Elyse was probably in her 4th out of 5 years of architecture school when she realized she couldn’t be satisfied designing buildings forever. Deciding to forge ahead, she finished the last year of her March program still unsure of what she wanted to be when she grew up. Knowing that, the next logical step for her was obviously to become TESOL certified and go teach English in Korea. After a year of traveling and amazing life experiences she moved back to the states, seeking creative design opportunities. She enjoys anything from cooking to pottery to writing. She just loves making things beautiful.

Curious: She can hula-hoop like a pro.

Dogs name: Maggie—a 16 year old rescue dog who, in her heyday, you couldn’t get to sit still. These days she can usually be found sleeping on the stoop.

Coveted Piece of Furniture: A hand-made hanging glass lamp from Morocco, which she haggled for proudly and successfully. It may still be in the box, but only because she's waiting to find the perfect place for it to live.

Never-Let-Die Design Element: Personal touches. Anything from family keepsakes to items acquired from travel - just something to make the space home and uniquely you.