Shannon Bacon, Iron and Gold: Pathways to Oneself

Reception: February 2, 2018 from 6-10pm at Obelisk Home. Work remains with Obelisk Home for the month of February.

Iron and Gold: Pathways To Oneself, is a rich, complex reflection on what it means to be a strong, yet vulnerable person in today’s often gritty yet fabulously amazing world. Hence the creation of “Iron and Gold”, two very contrasting elements.

Bacon uses iron as a metaphor for strength, and gold as a metaphor for vulnerability. Iron is a brittle, hard substance that is a crucial building block of steel that nourishes plants and helps carry oxygen in our blood—iron is always busy helping sustain life on earth. Gold is a soft metal with the highest malleability and ductility of any element; bright and typically slightly reddish yellow. It is fragile yet resilient in its own right.

Bacon’s paintings take an emotional, intricate and deep look at what it takes to live in the present, to be brave enough to listen to one’s sixth sense and to fully live free—even when tough decisions have to be made. “To ask for what we need and want out of life doesn’t mean we have to be hard, bossy or insensitive. We can do it by using the unique emotional intelligence chip we were all born with. We can be brave and listen to what that little voice inside of us says, and do what we think is good and right in order to live out our full potential as a human. We can be strong (iron) yet vulnerable and soft, (gold),” says Bacon. “It means doing you, loving you and being you, no matter the cost as long as you can love big along the way.”

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